Hair Systems

What is a hair system?

A hair system is created using human and/or synthetic hair hand-woven onto a particular base of material such as lace. The base is then adhered to the individual’s head with the preferred method of attachment (tape or adhesive), and cut and blended to make it undetectable.

How long does a hair system last?

Each hair system is unique, and their individual durability varies, but generally, you can expect to use your hair system for between 4 and 12 months before you need to replace or repair it.  Ensuring that you follow the correct aftercare instructions.  After this, it is advised that they are replaced to keep them looking in the best condition.

How long does a hair system last on your head once adhered?

Typically, it is recommended that users upkeep maintenance, and get their hair system removed, cleaned, and re-adhered  every two  to four weeks to achieve a clean and natural look.  At home care, activity levels, and body chemistry (sweat and oil) will determine how often someone needs to come in.

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